Crazy Christmas, some common shopping traps you'll get in

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Discounts, cash back, sweepstakes... For most people, "Christmas" is a shopping festival. At present, most businesses have announced their Christmas promotion plans in advance, and a Christmas business battle without gunpowder will be staged first on December 20.

The reason why merchants are not tired of Christmas promotions is to capture consumers' shopping psychology. However, smart consumers will find that there are inevitably hidden traps in the numerous promotional methods of businesses. We have summarized the three traps of crazy promotions.

Trap 1: Buy 100 minus XX
Directly subtracting cash will make many consumers mistakenly think that it is a discount, but the difference is huge. First of all, the mantissa of most commodity prices is "9" or "8", which means that the money lost will never be less than what consumers expected. Secondly, once the amount of money reduction is not reached, it will cause consumers to find suitable priced goods in the mall to "make up", which will virtually increase consumers' secondary consumption.

Trap 2: Buy XX and return XX
At present, the trend of returning coupons is becoming more and more intense in Shen. One form means that the returned coupons can be used directly as cash, and the other form means that part of the coupons must be used in cash. The cash rebate seems to have a large discount, but it is a waste of time to use the rebate coupon to buy goods. It allows you to consume twice, consume three times, or even consume N times.

Trap 3: XX% off
For the "XX% off" launched by the mall, many consumers would wishfully think that it is very affordable, but when they actually buy it, they find that the brands they like, the things they need, and some beautiful "new models" are only a little discount. Do not even participate in the discount.

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